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World Plaza

New York Knicks’ Training FacilityTrade Partner: Jeff Bayer, Sign*A*Rama, Fort Meyers, FL

Meet: Quick Change Artist Jeff Bayer of Sign*A*Rama in Fort Meyers, FL

When he was up against 3 brick walls he turned to Clarke Systems for help.

Here’s why:

JB: Our customer manages a big office complex with three major entrances: North Park, South Park and Central Park. Each had a brick wall that was originally identified with homemade plywood letters and aluminum plaques with vinyl lettering. They were in terrible shape.

Jeff’s initial approach was to look through all his manufacturers’ catalogs for a flexible sign system. Once he identified SLATZ® components, he called Clarke’s customer service department.

JB: I worked with Janet. She really walked me through the whole thing and helped me a lot. There’s always the challenge of how to make the signs fit the space you’ve got. Every time I call Clarke Systems, I like the help I get with figuring that out as well as with drawings and quotes.

Jeff knew he “needed a system that was very modular.” There are 75 tenants in the buildings and there are always companies coming and going.

JB: The thing we were selling was the ability to make changes quickly and still have a very professional looking sign. That’s what the customer loves about Slatz.

Jeff developed a system of his own for keeping up with the changes.

JB: We made up a form for the tenants that allows for a designated number of characters per line. When they have a change, they fill it out and fax it to me. We keep at least two Slatz blanks on hand at all times and can make the changes immediately.

And, he’s become a “quick change artist.”

JB: I virtually pull up to the sign on my way home – I don’t even turn off the engine! It takes me less than 15 seconds to get out of the car, pop out the old plate (with a SLATZ key) and put in the new one!

The Slatz system keeps Jeff and his satisfied customers happy.

JB: This is a fabulous system. I love this system. I keep trying to sell it every chance I get. It’s easy to install and it withstands the test of time. This project was installed over two years ago and it still looks brand new.

What do we at Clarke Systems like about this job?

For starters, Jeff went right to the heart of the matter and recognized the easy-to-install, easy-to-change, flexibility of Slatz components, making them perfect for facilities that deal with a busy churn rate. And, he used Slatz – a system generally thought of for interior programs – in an exterior environment, proving its weather-worthiness and effectiveness over two years’ time. We appreciate his enthusiasm for our products and his hearty endorsement of our customer service staff.

Thank you Jeff and Sign*A*Rama in Fort Meyers, FL!

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