SLATZ® : ONE Modular Sign System, THREE Ways to Satisfy Your Customers

SLATZ® is an award-winning, changeable sign system comprised of anodized aluminum extrusions and injection molded end caps and mounting clips. Available in three compatible formats, the product provides sign shops with superior design flexibility, ease of assembly, and simple installation procedures. And, Slatz® has aced the test of time!

  1. Original SLATZThe basic Slatz extrusions are available in six heights — from 13/16” to 6-7/16” — and lengths of up to 10 feet that can be cut-to-size. The extrusions are partnered with acrylic end caps that serve as wall mounts for single faced signs, as well as extruded aluminum channels that hold injection molded acrylic clips for multi-face signs like directories or menu boards. Graphics and copy are applied vinyl.
  2. Slatz Capture® for Flexible InsertsSlatz Capture was designed to meet the demand for a flat insert option in a modular system. It combines the structural integrity of Slatz with the ease of graphic insert flexibility for quick sign changes. There is no bulky apparatus, nor are there visible fasteners or cumbersome components to hold lightweight paper or flexible materials. Inserts are covered with a clear, acrylic, ADA-adaptable lens. To change an insert, remove the clear plastic lens with the suction cup provided and lift the paper out.
  3. Slatz Capture® for Rigid InsertsThe same product holds rigid inserts up to 1/16 inch thick, including acrylic, engraving stock, photopolymer, zinc and more. To change a rigid insert, lift the extrusion off the endcap or multi-clip and slide the insert out. Either version of Capture can be fully integrated with a program of Slatz directories and wayfinding signage for multifunctional communication. Whereas some insert systems require directories to be installed line-by-line with separate mounting for each extrusion, directories featuring Capture can be mounted on the same multi-clip filled channels used for Slatz, eliminating any need for individual installation. That reduces installation time and lessens the number of attachments to the wall surface.


Extrusions for all three formats are available in silver anodized finish or standard industry vinyl colors, achieved using our proprietary Colorfix™ process. Signs also may be painted. All are ADA compatible. The products are available in straight length components, cut-to-size to meet size requirements or as a fully completed, ready to install sign package that fulfills the customer’s design specs.

  About “acing” the Test of Time . . .

Clarke Systems has been distributing Slatz throughout North America for over 40 years and the system is still as fresh and design-worthy as it was the day it was introduced. Just as our long time industry customers know, you and your clients can feel confident that the product will be available for updates, program expansion and remodeling efforts when the time comes. You can count on Clarke for that!