Standard & Custom Interiors

Standard Wayfinding Systems

Sign Series OVERVIEW

Take the guesswork out of sign selection by choosing a Sign Series in colors to meet your needs. Pick a basic architectural shape to coordinate with, or complement, the interior design of the facility. A pre-determined sign series allows buyers to see how both the concept and shape of their selection apply to the sign types required for a total project. Changeable paper inserts provide maximum flexibility, giving management control of content on an as needed basis and raised acrylic copy, graphics and Grade II Braille meet ADA requirements for mandated permanent signage. Logos and other branding or design elements may be applied to the sign header and/or insert media to enhance the products selected. Standard and custom colors available. = Price Range Comparison

Custom Interiors


Meet your customers’ expectations for interior signage by having them choose the look, solution and grade they want. Good. Better. Best. It’s up to you. Using quality modified acrylics, we can satisfy your requirements from basic signs to a sophisticated wayfinding system that coordinates with architecture and décor as well as corporate identity programs. Signs in this category are produced using one or more of three basic products – ClearviewTM, Braille PlaqueTM, and MagnesignTM – all appropriate for tactile graphics and Grade 2 Braille to meet the specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Work from a standard palette or specify a shade from a spectrum of custom colors achieved through reverse coloring of the substrate. Communicate names, department designations, messages and more with surface-applied vinyl graphics and copy, with magnetically placed copy panels for changeability, or with paper inserts that provide maximum flexibility and on-site control. Specify custom shapes that coordinate with the environment and maintain the continuity of design.
custom fabricated

Braille PlaqueTM

The basic component of attractive, ADA-compatible signs. Affixed permanently to the surface. Least flexible of all sign options.

braille plaque

Framed Braille PlaqueTM

Framing enriches the sign and allows you to change the plaque without affecting the wall surface.

framed braille plaque


Clear openings with paper inserts allow you to change names and messages, as well as the background, font and colors of the inserts, while keeping the basic sign the same.



Fully magnetized, all the individual components of the sign, including the header, may be changed.


Framing Details

framing details

Bar Details

bar details





1/32″ thick. Complements raised ADA graphics, adding a simple element of style.

dimensional borders


Pick up on architectural elements and enhance the overall style of the sign.


Accommodate interoffice communications. Two options available.


Features dual message option, i.e., In Use/Vacant