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There is an art to wayfinding. It takes time and attention-to-detail to perfect it. It also requires a commitment to careful observation, intelligent questioning and a studied awareness of a facility’s environment — as well as the residents, customers, staff and/or visitors who frequent it — in order to deliver effective results. While, in truth, signs represent only one aspect of the wayfinding picture, they do indeed play a critical role in the success of a program. The sign professionals at Clarke Systems have extensive experience in planning the interior and exterior wayfinding signs for major facilities including government, corporate, medical and educational campuses. There is more to wayfinding than meets the eye: environmental cues, spatial relationships, regulatory requirements, the characteristics of the user population and more. For that reason, it is important to have your customers consider their wayfinding options at the beginning of the project when the knowledge they learn from the process actually helps them plan a more successful outcome for the facility itself. For over 30 years, we have collaborated with our sign trade partners and the architects, graphic and interior designers, facilities managers, contractors, planners, sign shops, and building owners in their markets, to plan and implement effective sign programs. We welcome the opportunity to work together on selling wayfinding programs in your region and we’re committed to focusing our complete resources on helping you achieve a successful sale. Call us at 800-331-1891 or email us at sales@clarkesystems.com to discuss your opportunities. Choose Clarke’s project partnering service today!

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